Most of my software projects can be found on my GitHub profile.


I’ve been a volunteer for the Snoonet IRC network since 2014, initially starting out managing a worldwide set of virtual private servers running InspIRCd. These days I serve as assistant network director and put together software as required.


In 2019 I migrated Snoonet’s website from a custom Ruby on Rails application to a vastly simplified static website generated using Hugo. This helped to reduce development overhead and cost of operation, and increase security by descoping features we didn’t really need.


SubGrok is an IRC bot which monitors Reddit boards for new posts and announces them in IRC channels. It’s built with Golang and runs on a Linux virtual private server.


WebService::Mattermost is a Perl 5 library used for interacting with the Mattermost HTTP API and WebSocket gateway. It can be used to create chat bots or to integrate other software with Mattermost.

Here is an introductory guide to building a chatbot using the library.